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Heavy Duty Towing and Hauling

At Fenn's Towing we are the Heavy Duty Towing experts!

Have a rolled over trailer or truck break down on Cabbage Hill? No problem!

We've got the right equipment to get you right-side up and tow you down. Learn more about our Towing Services!

Over 25 Years Towing of Experience

Combined, our operators have over 50 years of experience in Heavy Duty Towing. No job is too big for our crew or our top-of-the-line wreckers. Each uniformed operator is ready with prompt and courteous service. For larger wrecks, or roadside hazards, our certified flaggers ensure a quick and safe tow.

Fenn's  Heavy Duty Wrecker #3 ready to go!

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Flatbed Hauling

Hauling a tractor and removing it from flatbed trailer.

Hauling a tractor in need of repair on our Flatbed. Towed the tractor off of the flatbed and clear into the repair shop.

Rollover & Wreck Recovery

Recovering a rolled semi truck and trailer.

Semi-truck rolled over on the highway load and all, right outside Fenn's shop. Recovered cab then craned trailer load.